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*Review:**Chen Su was admitted to a Beijing college. That night, he was bumped against by someone and woke from a car.*

  Passage 2 美国高速公路发展历史

Chapter 5

Being frozen, Chen Su looks at the such deep pit with stiffing constantly, then looks at them, in the headlights of the shadow they look like ghost. The only thing Chen Su can think is death.

They would like to kill him! He is so scared that he runs away as soon as possible. But sadly after only several steps, he is arrested, threw back with the arm caught, slammed on the ground among these awful men. The sound of broken bone is so clear and harsh.

‘What the fuck! How did you check it! You said he was dead!’Someone blames recklessly.

‘How could I know why he woke up again, fuck, it’s in vain to dig a pit!’The otherman sayswhile watchingthe pit and Chen Su,who is trying raising himself up from the ground.

’No!’Compared to the life, the arm ache really doesn’t matter. He is so frightened that he is shaking his hand and scaring,’Please don’t kill me, I won’t say anything!’

’Fuck!’Laughing with contempt,‘who would fear that,such punyman can go where to claim, who care!’The manutterslaughterarrogantlyand sarcastically.

Chen Suis stiff, is there really the China?! The textbooks say that our country is a socialist country and everyone is equal, isn’t it right?!

‘Let him go, it doesn’t matter he is alive. Let’s go.’Throwing the totally new shovel and gettingin the car, that man says, 'It is so warm in the car.'

At once, they areall in the car, leaving Chenalone with legs shivering, dazzlingandpale. It seems nothing happened just now for them and the driver launches the car, with the engine ringing - Chen Su is staring the people in this car to be driving away and the uninhabited place at a loss, then frightened to find it hopeless that he would be left here on his own.

'You, get in!' The driver calls Chen Su.

'Why pick him up! We are so unlucky.' The person at copilot feels impatient.

'Count his life, also for we are not so unlucky,' the driver says peacefully and once again indicates Chen Su to get in the car.

Unless he has another option, Chen Su won’t get in this ghostlike black car, but the winter night is really cold, the wind blowing in the hills, nothing even a ray of light around here, Chen Su really has no idea about where it is in the end. Chen is not a particularly bold person, for fear that they oppose to pick him up he quickly squeezes in the car, sitting at the back row where a person does not speak or see him, Chen Su tries to be as close as possible to the window stature , the wrist caught before is so painful, the person is actually the one who threw him down, just hit the 170-centimeter, fifty-five-kilogram Chen Su on the ground.

The car staggers on the road in the mountain with music. Always having motion sick in the past, Chen Su does not dizzy this time really because of such fear!

There are totally four people including Chen Su in the car, the driving person is fairly gentle, the next is the man who talks mostly rudely, speaking always with curse. However, the man sitting on the back of the car, who hasn’t say anything, is the one Chen Su afraid of the mostly. The inside space of the car is much larger than it looks, the dreadful man sits in the back seat occupying two positions where can accommodate at least three people. Overwhelming and cold, even Chen Su has never seen similar one like him in the world, he still owns the instinct, and he sits together with him like sitting on the needle, how dares to see him even touch him?

After bumping in the car for a long time and finally seeing the early morning ray, Chen Su ‘s nervous mind is full of joy, a feeling of survived, he is staring at the distant light with eyes full of the hope. Although bright light looks just in front of the car, it really spends a long time before entering the wide road. The man sitting in the copilot has even a few of curses, ‘how do you cross to the provincial highway, ah, and now it needs to go round before arriving."

Known about driver detours, Chen Su feels more comfortable to watch the lights and traffic of big road. Chen Su consciously touches his trousers pocket with 5 RMB, and he doesn’t dare to get off to escape, but finally he has a little relief.

The horizon gradually becomes white, when the scene appears out of the window, Chen Su’s uneasy heart really puts down, the terrible night passes in the end. Eyes blurry, Chen Su finds that his glasses have been gone, 800-degree myopia makes Chen Su watch the front like in a fog, thinking of the clear pit last night, he really could be sure enough there is life instinct, going through the disaster, the rest of his life is renew. After a whole night of fear and tension then suddenly in the relaxed status , Chen Su could no longer confuse to sleep when the dawn comes. The car is shaking to the entrance of the highway and it is far away from Beijing.

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Chen Su is not a smart and sensitive man, but Chen Su wakes up in a abnormal feeling .

People are still in the car and the car has stopped, but Chen Su is lying against one other, no exactly! Accurately, Chen Su is almost lying in the arms of the other, while the two men in the front of the car are staring at them, face to face.

‘Do not move,’at once the driver reaches out to press Chen Su not to climb up, ‘You do not move, let him sleep a little longer.’Chen Su now recognizes the man may be not actually much older than himself. The driver is still like a student with a modest and gentle appearance, his hand pointing to the head on Chen Su’s shoulder where the cold man is sleeping on.

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From such a close distance, Chen Su could only see his half face, even in the sleeping his eyebrows are wrinkled, face like a cold knife. Chen Su is so afraid of this person, afraid of the reality that he put him up and throw right down to the ground. Once thinking of this matter the right shoulder suddenly is sore, but Chen Su does not dare to move, to maintain this position is not tired, and very warm, but the mind to escape the danger is eager.

  The United States has one of the best highway systems in the world。 Interstate highways connect just about every large and mid-sized city in the country。 Did u ever wonder why such a complete system of excellent roads exists? For an answer, u would have to go back to the early 1920s。 In those years just after World War 1, the military wanted to build an American highway system for national defense such a system could if necessary move troops quickly from one area to another。 It could also get people out of cities in danger of being bombed, so-called roads of national importance were designated, but they were mostly small country roads。 In 1944 Congress passed a bill to upgrade the system but did not fund the plan right away。 In the 1950s, the plan began to become a reality。 Over 25 billion dollars was appropriated by Congress and construction began on about 40000 miles of new roads。 The idea was to connect the new system to existing expressways and freeways。 And though the system was built mostly to make car travel easier, defense was not forgotten。 For instance, highway overpasses had to be high enough to allow trailers carrying military missiles to pass under them。 By 1974,this system was mostly completed a few additional roads would come later。 Quick and easy travel between all parts of the country was now possible。

Chapter 6

Soon, while the eyebrows of this cold man are beating, the front two turn back and Chen Su climbs up quickly and sensibly although this action makes arm sore but he hardly dares to create any noise.

The cruel man wakes so rapidly almost like he never sleeps. Chen Su shrinks to the car window. It seems noon already. It is so shameful that Chen Su has no idea about how to open the door, which causes he has no possibility to escape current predicament. The man sitting in the copilot gives Chen Su some cash, ‘Just take the money to see a doctor. Forget the night! Do you understand?!’His words is neither a threat nor a consultation, but a command with self-confidence.

Car drives away, Chen Su is pinching money and at a loss about where he is, that car disappears in the traffic sea. Chen Su wants to throw the money with integrity, but the fact that earning money is so tough and his parents working day and night does make him not dare or willing to do so, not to mention his pocket has 5 RMB only. High degree without glasses makes it really difficult to know where it is. He carefully selects a white taxi and uses 32 RMB to taxi to his school, as going a circle round in Beijing, then in the glasses shop of the street back of the school, Chen Su spends an hour to get a new glasses used 45 RMB.

Wearing new glasses, the world is clear again. If not the shoulder is still painful and there is more than 700 RMB in jeans pocket, Chen Su would like to take all the things as a nightmare.

At the school doctor’s office it has been confirmed to be dislocated, bone pain is nearly deathlike when the broken bone is repaired . Then he feels much better no sooner later, that the bones not broken is so lucky. Although the swollen right shoulder still needs to recover for a few days, to be cured by medical wine , this remains not so unfortunate.

That 700 RMB has pressed on the bottom of his big red locker , Chen Su sleeps a couple of days and then still dares not to think about that day, not to mention turning to police for help, furthermore that day Chen Su should have thought of noticing the license number of the black car! Now thinking back, it is actually the first time for Chen Su to ride a car, however, Chen Su would rather never experience it during his lifetime.

His dorm mates arrive one by one. Chen Su stays in dormitory to recuperate until the lessons begin ,he is determined not to go out in the evening, the shoulder completely isn’t painful when the school life restarts, and finally he does not have to wipe the the medical wine with wired smelling.

These days are all fine, being warmer fast. Four days ago, all the people were wearing a winter coat, continuously a few days of sunshine let a lot of girls put on a fresh spring cloths. Not only the campus becomes relaxed and comfortable but also the early spring atmosphere makes Chen Su regards that night as an unbelievable dream.

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This is a junior college, 99 percent of the students come from another cities. Totally there are two buildingseach with three floors. Theirpattern is the barrel buildingin 1970s, where a lot of male studentslive in. The guard man is ostensible that only earns without truly working. The girls dorms is in front of boys’,separatedby a thick fence. Boys should walk alongthenorthernwall, while girls need to go another anticlockwiseway, there a specific door opening to the south. Although there is no strict management principle, it remains a distance between boysand girls. It is obviously all the boyswaiting atthe buildings’ gate aren’t single. However, today, it is really strange and eye-catching thatseveral boys(owning car)should wait in front.

The school’s studentsare mostly outsiders, not much morefashion than Chen Su. He recognizesthese tall figure men who has driedyellow hair must notstudents in this college, then he stares for seconds holding his own lunch box.‘It is so modern and such extraordinary thing to color hair yellow, symbolizing lack of nutrition!’

‘You, yes! Wait!’ Familiar sound makes Chen feel nervous. New glassesare wore off and the front is mixed by fog. His face turns pale, it should be the copilotperson in that scary night!

‘Sure enough it’s you. How could you wear such ugly glasses? No wonder we couldn’t find you, so that you are myopia!’

Chen Su's lunch box is delivered by the man to Chen’s roommate standing the side.

Then he reaches hand to Chen Su, dragging him away the dorm’s circular door. That action makes Chen’s feet hardly reach the ground. Too great power to let Chen shout for help.

‘I really said nothing to anyone! Don’t touch me, I know nothing!’Chen Su is afraid of them specially in heart.


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  Questions 19 to 21 are based on the passage you have just heard。

  Q19。 What does the speaker say about the American highway system。

  Q20。 What was the original purpose of building a highway system。

  Q21。 When was the interstate highway system mostly completed。

  美国拥有世界上最好的公路系统之一。州际高速公路连接全国所有大中城市。你有没有想过为什么这样一个完善的道路系统存在?作为答案,你将不得不回到20年代初。在第一次世界大战后的那些年里,军方想要建立一个美国的国防高速公路系统,这样一个系统可以在必要时迅速将部队从一个地区搬到另一个地区。它也可以让人们离开有被炸的危险的城市,所谓的具有国家重要性的道路被指定,但它们大多是小乡村道路。 1944年国会通过了一项法案来升级该系统,但没有立即为该计划提供资金。在20世纪50年代,该计划开始成为现实。国会拨款超过250亿美元,新建道路约40000英里。这个想法是将新系统连接到现有的高速公路和高速公路上。虽然该系统的建造主要是为了让汽车出行更容易,但防御措施并没有被遗忘。例如,高速公路天桥必须足够高,以允许携带军用导弹的拖车经过它们。到1974年,这个系统基本完成了,稍后会有一些额外的道路。现在全国各地之间快速而轻松的旅行已成为可能。

  Q19。 演讲者对美国高速公路系统有何评论?

  Q20。 建立公路系统的最初目的是什么?

  Q21。 州际公路系统何时大部分完工?

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